Fresh off university and looking for a job as a doctor? Your chances are high, because every country on the planet is constantly looking for candidates to work in their health care systems. However, if you are not happy with what you get in your own country, the best decision would be to go abroad and start building your professional life there. But how do you exactly go about finding a job abroad? Who should you ask for help and where will you get your best shot?

You could look for offers yourself

Although we don’t recommend that option if you really want to find a job quickly. Finding a job all by yourself means that you will need to cover all expenses when visiting the country for an interview and all courses that you might need to finish first before you can even get the job (i.e. language and accommodation trainings). Also, many clinics have close relationships with recruitment organisations and they rely solely on their candidates, so the options you find by yourself might not be all that would be available…

Through a medical recruitment organisation (like Paragona)

This is why your best bet is to seek your opportunities in places that find abroad jobs for doctors all day every day. This is what they do, this is what they are good at and what they were trained to do. Enlisting in such organisation would mean commitment to finding a job and then attending the interviews they arrange for you. Don’t worry though, they will carefully study your resume and pick only those offers that are in your area of expertise and that you are interested in. Need more encouragement?

Courses, trainings and other benefits

Using organisations such as Paragona to help you find a medical job abroad comes with many benefits. Remember the expenses we mentioned before, i.e. the language courses, the travelling and the relocation itself? Organisations are able to provide it all for you and help you get through the process successfully and with a smile on your face. Prepare for intensive studying and broadening your knowledge – it would be all worth it. After all, you want to get a job and they will do everything in order for you to do well.

Let’s say your interests match up to a vacancy in Sweden. The organisation would arrange an interview and if you get accepted, you sign an agreement to learn the language, sign the contract and after all is finished, move and start working your dream job. It’s as simple as that!