There is so many methods and techniques for improving business management. One of them is called Lean Management – the continuous reduction of costs, quality improvement, shortening of production cycles, and acquiring new customers. This is a new concept of business management, used especially in the restructuring process.

The idea of Lean was born in Japan. Eiji Toyota, along with his collaborator Taiidzi Ohno came to the conclusion that a mass production of cars in fact in their country doesn’t exist. That’s the time when was born a production model called the Toyota Production System (TPS), which then turned into the concept of lean production. The concept of Lean Management is currently one of the most comprehensive management philosophy. Currently all the main international corporation are using this system: Bosch, Gillette, Remy, Whirlpool, Opel, Volkswagen, ABB, Masterfoods, Phillips, Volvo.

lean management

The essence of lean management is a “leaner” company by the introduction of significant changes in activities in the structure of the company’s assets, the method of organization and personnel management, as well as shaping behaviors and attitudes of employees. Lean Management is a concept whose main message is to avoid any kind of waste through a continuous process of rationalization of the entire company and its relationship with the environment consists in reducing the scope of the internal functions of the company to what is strictly necessary. This concept is about an elimination of all activities which doesn’t give any value to the product, that is those activities for which the customer doesn’t want to pay. So if you manage to build a feedback mechanism that will trigger an immediate response to changes in the organization of the environment (economy, the world) then this organization will adapt itself to these changes.

Such a mechanism has to offer Lean Management, which through the adoption and acceptance of this philosophy for the entire crew, the use of visualization and methodology of continuous improvement that makes the company created a new work culture. The waste in Lean Management is any activity which absorbs resources, time consuming, and doesn’t add value to the product. The value of a product is determined by the client and should be fulfilling his expectations.